Before you register

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Hi guys,

If you haven’t noticed, there are two sides to this site: A ‘blog’, powered by WordPress, and a ‘forum’, powered by Vanilla. The two sites are separate, and work separately. I’ve implemented some plugins and PHP magic to make them work together, so you only have to register once, and your username is carried from one site to the other.
When you register, you’re registering in the WordPress site. If you somehow manage to register through Vanilla, that account will eventually be deleted, as it cannot be converted back to a WordPress account (and you’d have to create a different account to comment on blog posts).

To register, click on any of the “register” “sign up” “log in” etc links, and that should take you to a registration page. You can also click here to register. Once you’re registered, click on “Forums”. If you’re not automatically logged in (which can happen), click on “Sign in”. That should force an update to the database and pick up your username. If you have any difficulties with this process, please message me on the forums.

Last, yet equally important, please register with your in-game name. I know you may have a username that you use across the web, but having your in-game name allows me to do some work behind the scene and build new and exciting features for the future of this site.

I hope you’re all enjoying the new site. Feel free to leave feedback / criticism on the forum.


Welcome, Champions of Infinity

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Hello guildies and visitors,

This is the new site of the guild <Infinity> of Stormscale! It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to our new home in the interwebs. I’ve worked tirelessly to create not only a visually appealing site, but also a unique and enriching experience. I believe that a good community is the foundation to a strong and long-lasting guild, and what better way to promote the growth of a community than to have a place where we all can converse and share!

This website is very young, and was created by only one person. It will contain bugs and visual oddities, although I’ve tried to keep those to a minimum. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post, or on this forum thread if you do find a bug. Together we can catch them all!

Feel free to leave general feedback about the website either here or at the forums.

Thank you,